• Event Catering in Cornwall

    Event Catering in Cornwall

    We provide a professional catering service for weddings and many other special occasions. We specialise in both hot and cold style buffets including the new and up and coming trend of bowl food, food stations and many more bespoke catering solutions.

  • Saffron Event Catering Cornwall

    Catering for every occasion

    Saffron cater for many different and unique occasions, including: Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Parties, Funerals, Business events and Business Lunches. We offer a wide variety of menus which can be tailored to your specific event or occasion.

Saffron Event Catering Cornwall
Saffron Event Catering Cornwall has been created by two catering industry professionals. Between them they have over 45 years of food and beverage experience which provides their clients with confidence that dealing with Saffron they’re in good hands.
One partner is a trained chef, who started their career at Claridges in London before moving back to her home in Cornwall where she has worked in some of the top restaurants along on the coast. The other began waitressing from an early age and soon developed a passion for quality and unique food and beverages. Working alongside knowledgeable mentors she has worked her way through the ranks to becoming a successful Restaurant Manager within a luxury resort. 
This passionate duo have joined forces to create Saffron, a first class catering business with a passion for fine food and excellent customer service.
‘Great food can only ever be the product of premium quality ingredients, at the same time we believe in our personal responsibility to trade in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly way wherever possible. All of the ingredients we use will be of the finest quality and locally sourced.  
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Event Catering Cornwall
Event Catering Cornwall
We can offer food and service for a many different occasions: Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Parties, Funerals, Business events/Lunches. Offering a variation of menus which can be tailored to your event. These can be hot and cold style Buffets, the new and up and coming trend of bowl food, food stations and much more.
We like to think that our menus are there as a guide only, as we are more than willing to tailor and create a menu to suit your needs. With that in mind of course you can choose one of our well thought out and practical menus for your event.
“We look forward to hearing from you you soon”